Estate, Trust, Probate & Guardianship Litigation

Estate Trust Probate & Guardianship Litigation

No one likes conflict. We can help you find the right solution.

Even when you or your family has taken steps to protect the assets you’ve built and your family’s legacy, problems can arise. There has been an increase in the number of legal disputes in the courts about estate plans, asset transfer, and the guardianship of children and disabled adults. If you face this difficult situation, we can help you resolve it. We have extensive experience representing all parties in contested estate, and trust and probate matters; including beneficiaries, heirs, executors, administrators and trustees.

Our goal is to help you avoid costly litigation whenever possible and to guard you and your family from the distress that these emotionally charged situations can cause.

We take service personally.

We spend all the time needed to get an in-depth understanding of the complicated issues you are facing. With that knowledge in hand, we can provide you with the guidance and support you need to keep the case out of court or, if that doesn’t work, to find the best solution through mediation or in the  courtroom.

Dealing with these types of situations can be stressful and difficult. That’s why whenever you need us, we are here with the guidance, support and services you can rely on.

Areas of focus

Our experienced team of attorneys and support staff has expertise with all of these issues, including:

We put your family first.

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