Legal Documents in 2020 and Beyond

Everyone likes shortcuts, right? It saves you time! However, when it comes to legal documents, you should never take a shortcut. Due to the amount of fraud in this day and age, we should all have a heightened awareness of scams. Here are some tips to protect you and your loved ones from possible scams when signing legal documents in 2020 and beyond.
In order to limit the likelihood of tampering with legal documents, we recommend that you do not abbreviate the year 2020. By merely entering 20, rather than 2020, it opens the document up to simple alteration of the date. For instance, someone could easily alter the year by writing 18 or 19 after the abbreviation of 20, giving the appearance that what you thought was a currently signed document, now appears to be 1-2 years old.
In addition, when possible, use a digital signature; this is a secure way to leave a digital trail and is less likely to result in tampering. Always sign in blue ink, since black ink can look like it was photocopied. And finally, having the documents notarized, when necessary, will help protect you too. 
It is never a bad idea to be extra cautious when it comes to legal documents. Take that extra ten seconds to protect yourself by writing 2020 and following our other simple tips.