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Important COVID-19 Updates


For Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Organizations


The business impact of the novel COVID-19 virus outbreak has many business owners reviewing the "force majeure" clauses in their ...

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What You Need to Know About Indemnification Clauses - Part 1


One of the most overlooked provisions in almost any contract is the indemnification clause. While most people pay a great deal of attention to the ...

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Are Age Restrictions Legal in Community Association Facilities?


Rules, rules, and more rules.  When living in a community association, rules governing the use of the community facilities, including the pool and fitness center ...

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2019 Legislative Update


The Maryland General Assembly opened its 2019 session on January 9th. During this year's session, 2,500 bills were filed and a total of ...

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Is Your Business the Target of Social Engineering?


Have you or your business been the victim of “social engineering”?  Although you may never have heard the term “social engineering,” you are probably already ...

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Contemplating a Construction or Renovation Project?


When you’re planning a major construction or renovation project for your business or for your home, the importance of hiring a general contractor is ...

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2018 Legislative Update


The Maryland General Assembly opened its 2018 session on January 10, 2018.  Before it concluded on April 9th, a total of 889 bills had ...

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2017 Maryland Community Association Law Legislative Update


The 2017 session of the Maryland General Assembly saw the introduction of almost 100 bills, the passage of which will impact Maryland community associations.  Below ...

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The New Law on Suspension of Privileges


On June 23, 2017, the Court of Appeals, the highest court in the State of Maryland, issued an opinion in Elvaton Towne Condominium Regime II ...

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Community Association Legislative Updates


Below is a summary of the significant bills that passed this year impacting community associations which will become law on October 1, 2016:

Resale Disclosures ...

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