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Real Estate

Prepayment Penalties: An Unwelcome Surprise


Whether you have applied for a loan or are thinking about doing so, it is important to consider whether you could be charged a fee ...

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2019 Legislative Update


The Maryland General Assembly opened its 2019 session on January 9th. During this year's session, 2,500 bills were filed and a total of ...

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County Council Considers Bill to Tighten Development Within Watersheds


The future of development in Howard County has long been hotly debated, especially in the wake of the disastrous Ellicott City floods of 2017 and ...

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Contemplating a Construction or Renovation Project?


When you’re planning a major construction or renovation project for your business or for your home, the importance of hiring a general contractor is ...

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office building

Top Traps for Unwary Tenants


For many businesses that are trying to rent space, negotiating a commercial lease is a major decision that involves hours of research and planning. You ...

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park bench with flooding

Devil in the Details - How the 666 days between floods is temporarily banning development in Ellicott City



On May 27, 2018, 666 days after the July 30, 2016 Ellicott City Flood, the historic downtown neighborhood experienced something no one ever thought would ...

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2018 Legislative Update


The Maryland General Assembly opened its 2018 session on January 10, 2018.  Before it concluded on April 9th, a total of 889 bills had ...

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Not So True To Form - AIA Recent Updates


Just last year, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) released its update to its contract documents library. Given that the AIA only updates the contract ...

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Prospective Impact of the Federal Estate and Gift Tax Changes in Maryland


Well, there goes Congress!  Just when we thought it was safe to prepare estate plans based on a stable estate-planning environment, Congress has changed the ...

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Transfer Tax Relief - Sole Proprietorship to Single Person LLC


The Maryland General Assembly eased the burden on small business owners this past legislative session, something it should seek to do with greater frequency. Both ...

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