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Estate Planning: The Insurance of a Lifetime


Most of us appreciate how important it is to purchase insurance as a means of protection from unforeseen circumstances.  We pay for our health insurance ...

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How The New Tax Act May Affect Your Business


The much-discussed federal “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” includes many changes that may affect businesses of all sizes. The Conference Report transmitting the new law ...

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Prospective Impact of the Federal Estate and Gift Tax Changes in Maryland


Well, there goes Congress!  Just when we thought it was safe to prepare estate plans based on a stable estate-planning environment, Congress has changed the ...

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Transfer Tax Relief - Sole Proprietorship to Single Person LLC


The Maryland General Assembly eased the burden on small business owners this past legislative session, something it should seek to do with greater frequency. Both ...

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Timing Your Charitable Giving: Now or Later?


As April 15th quickly approaches, many people are in the process of reviewing the charitable gifts they made to their favorite charity, religious organization ...

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2016 Filing Date Changes


Forms W-2 and l099-MISC.

When a business pays nonemployee compensation aggregating to $600 or more to a single payee in the tax year, the business ...

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