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Family Law

What is Guardianship - A Three Part Series


What happens when someone becomes disabled and can no longer manage his or her financial affairs?  Perhaps that person has dementia, suffered a stroke, or ...

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Where to Start When it Comes to Adoptions


Adoption is the legal method by which a parent-child relationship is created. Rather than by genetics or birth, the relationship is formed by way of ...

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Collaborative Family Practice - What Is It, and Can It Work For Me?


Collaborative Practice is a form of “alternative dispute resolution” that can be a valuable alternative to litigation and trial.  In the context of family disputes ...

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Signing Estate Plan

Is Your Estate Plan Really Complete?


Many people think that signing their Will or Revocable Trust is the last step in executing their estate plan. Often, there are additional actions that ...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution - A Great Solution to Resolving Legal Conflicts


All successful businesses operate in a collaborative manner with their customers, vendors, and employees, utilizing contracts to establish and document all parties’ obligations and rights ...

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Does a Prenuptial Agreement take all the Romance out of Marriage?


Referred to casually and colloquially as a “prenup,” a prenuptial agreement, antenuptial agreement, or premarital agreement is an agreement entered into between parties before their ...

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2019 Legislative Update


The Maryland General Assembly opened its 2019 session on January 9th. During this year's session, 2,500 bills were filed and a total of ...

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Fiduciary Litigation: Family Law for the 21st Century


With unprecedented family wealth transferring from our “Greatest Generation” and “Baby Boomers” to younger generations, competition among family members for that wealth is becoming an ...

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Contemplating a Separation or Divorce and Unsure Where to Start?


Family law is an intricate and complex legal area – often made more so because it frequently involves personal difficulties and intense emotions. Family law issues ...

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