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Are Land Surveys Really Necessary?


Buying a property can be an expensive process.  Among the many costs that a buyer faces, such as the cost of inspections, transfer taxes, and ...

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Howard County Office Building Disaster
Photo Courtesy of HCDFRS

What to Pack Before Disaster Strikes


We all know the statistic: over half of all small businesses that experience disaster will never reopen.  Despite this fact, many businesses don’t have ...

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Selling Your Business? SHHHHH!


You are looking at selling the business you have built over many years. You are excited about the prospect of retiring or maybe pursuing another ...

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Prepayment Penalties: An Unwelcome Surprise


Whether you have applied for a loan or are thinking about doing so, it is important to consider whether you could be charged a fee ...

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THE MANAGEMENT BUYOUT: Looking Within for an Exit Strategy


With more and more Baby Boomers seeking to retire, we are witnessing an uptick in business owners looking for an exit strategy.  For some, the ...

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2019 Legislative Update


The Maryland General Assembly opened its 2019 session on January 9th. During this year's session, 2,500 bills were filed and a total of ...

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Is Your Business the Target of Social Engineering?


Have you or your business been the victim of “social engineering”?  Although you may never have heard the term “social engineering,” you are probably already ...

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How Public are Complaints Against Physicians?


Patients rely on the integrity and competence of physicians to safely administer medical treatment, medications, and advice.  Whenever a patient experiences an unexpected response to ...

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How to Prepare for Litigation as a Business Owner


Most owners of small businesses trust that doing the right thing, such as taking care of their employees, and respecting their customers and suppliers, will ...

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The Use of Business Entities for Asset Preservation


One of the most effective ways to protect a business owner's personal assets is to operate the business through a corporation, LLC, limited partnership ...

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Computer and Social Media Policies for the Workplace


Virtually every company relies on computers, email, and the internet to operate, and has employees who use the company’s computers, email, and internet access ...

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New Year, New Updates!


A healthy employer and employee relationship is key to a productive work environment. By annually updating your employment policies and handbooks, you will maintain consistency ...

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medical marijuana



With the most recent election, 32 states and the District of Columbia now allow the use of marijuana (or cannabis) for medical purposes.  While each ...

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Top Strategies for Healthcare Providers to Limit Risks with Electronic Healthcare Records


There is no doubt that, for most health care providers, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have become one of the central components of any healthcare practice ...

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Farrell & Gunderson Law to Join Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC


P R E S S   R E L E A S E   

For Immediate Release  

Farrell & Gunderson Law to Join Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny Addition ...

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The Essential Role of Insurance in a Business Succession Plan


One of the most common concerns that an owner of a closely-held business faces regarding business succession is liquidity. How can the future owners of ...

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Contemplating a Construction or Renovation Project?


When you’re planning a major construction or renovation project for your business or for your home, the importance of hiring a general contractor is ...

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office building

Top Traps for Unwary Tenants


For many businesses that are trying to rent space, negotiating a commercial lease is a major decision that involves hours of research and planning. You ...

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park bench with flooding

Devil in the Details - How the 666 days between floods is temporarily banning development in Ellicott City



On May 27, 2018, 666 days after the July 30, 2016 Ellicott City Flood, the historic downtown neighborhood experienced something no one ever thought would ...

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Brand Awareness: Important Considerations When Licensing Your Brand



Licensing your intellectual property can be an efficient and profitable way for your business to build upon its brand.  After all, allowing a third party ...

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