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Civil Litigation

What is Guardianship - A Three Part Series


What happens when someone becomes disabled and can no longer manage his or her financial affairs?  Perhaps that person has dementia, suffered a stroke, or ...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution - A Great Solution to Resolving Legal Conflicts


All successful businesses operate in a collaborative manner with their customers, vendors, and employees, utilizing contracts to establish and document all parties’ obligations and rights ...

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Fiduciary Litigation: Family Law for the 21st Century


With unprecedented family wealth transferring from our “Greatest Generation” and “Baby Boomers” to younger generations, competition among family members for that wealth is becoming an ...

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How to Prepare for Litigation as a Business Owner


Most owners of small businesses trust that doing the right thing, such as taking care of their employees, and respecting their customers and suppliers, will ...

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The Law Offices of Alisa G. Cummins, PC Joins Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC


Press Release

For Immediate Release

Attorney Alisa G. Cummins Brings Depth of Experience To Resolve Complex Family Law Matters

Columbia, Maryland - January 16, 2019 - The ...

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What is a Deposition?


A deposition is an oral statement, given under oath, as part of the pretrial “discovery” process, which is the process by which the parties in ...

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I Received A Patent Infringement Complaint, Now What?


You’ve just received a letter or a filed Complaint from someone who claims to hold a patent and which they believe you are infringing ...

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Privacy Law In Maryland: An Introduction


The United States stands nearly alone in the world in that it does not have a unified, overarching privacy law.  Instead, privacy law in the ...

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Evaluating Your Dispute Resolution Strategy


Arbitration has been touted as the next generation of business dispute resolution and as a result, many businesses have included arbitration agreements in their contracts ...

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Wagner v. State


In a case that will likely have far-reaching implications in Maryland, on December 17, 2015, a hotly-divided Court of Appeals ruled that a party to ...

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