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Civil Litigation


What is a Deposition?


A deposition is an oral statement, given under oath, as part of the pretrial “discovery” process, which is the process by which the parties in ...

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I Received A Patent Infringement Complaint, Now What?


You’ve just received a letter or a filed Complaint from someone who claims to hold a patent and which they believe you are infringing ...

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Privacy Law In Maryland: An Introduction


The United States stands nearly alone in the world in that it does not have a unified, overarching privacy law.  Instead, privacy law in the ...

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Evaluating Your Dispute Resolution Strategy


Arbitration has been touted as the next generation of business dispute resolution and as a result, many businesses have included arbitration agreements in their contracts ...

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Wagner v. State


In a case that will likely have far-reaching implications in Maryland, on December 17, 2015, a hotly-divided Court of Appeals ruled that a party to ...

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