Estate Planning in Plain English

To The Point Contemporary Estate Planning

The purpose of this pamphlet is to outline, briefly and To The Point, many of the considerations that should be included in your estate plan. If nothing else, this pamphlet should raise serious and substantial questions in your mind about your estate plan. It will take action on your part, however, to create a plan that will meet your needs and the needs of your family.

Probate in Plain English

Probate in Plain English

During a time when families are dealing with the emotional trauma of losing a loved one, facing the prospect of understanding how to wind up the worldly affairs of that loved one can be overwhelming. The purpose of this pamphlet is to outline, in “plain English,” the procedures that should be followed when dealing with probate.

Legal Check- Up

Legal Check-Up

If you are like many entrepreneurs, your business plan may focus on growth, marketing or product development – or sometimes just day-to-day survival.  In the middle of all the noise, you may not have taken the time to step back and assess whether the legal foundation is in place to protect the long-term health and sustainability of your business.  You are certainly in good company!  In the same way you look out for your personal health by having an annual check-up, it's important to have a periodic legal check-up of your business.  Unfortunately, as with physical check-ups, many of us put off having our legal condition examined.  

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