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Exit Strategies

When its time for the curtain call, we’ll help you pull the string.

Not all business plans focus on growth, marketing or product development – or even just survival.  Sometimes the best plan is to plan for acquisition or another type of business succession. Even if it’s years in the future, it’s never too early for a business owner to begin implementing an acquisition plan.  We can help you develop long term exit strategies to increase the value of business assets and make sure the company is attractive to prospective buyers when the opportunity arises.

We’ll help you strategize the exit plan.

Leaving doesn’t mean just walking out the door. We’ll help make sure you get top dollar for your business by making sure that:

  • Contracts are in place that identify and protect critical assets, including Employment Agreements, Employment Termination Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Restrictive Covenants, and Technology License Agreements.
  • Corporate documents and stock records are up-to-date, and that shares have been properly authorized by formal resolutions and paid for.
  • Shares or equity units have been issued in compliance with federal and state securities regulations.
  • Different business activities are separate, legal entities to increase value, diversify risk, cause more accurate financial reporting, and allow you to retain part of the business.
  • Your company is the optimal form of tax entity for an acquisition (e.g., C corporation, S corporation, LLC or partnership).
  • Appropriate Employee Policies are in place and that the company is in compliance with employment laws, including ERISA, OSHA, wage and hour laws, and equal employment opportunity laws.

We’ll help you leave with a smile on your face and money in your pocket.

To find out how the attorneys of Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC can help you create a profitable, efficient exit plan, call us at 410.995.5800 or email an attorney from our Business and Transactional Practice Group.