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Government Relations

When complex legislative issues demand attention, turn to us.

Ever-changing laws and regulations can significantly impact corporate health and economic viability. For businesses, the ability to comply with and influence law is critical to enduring success. Masterful legal guidance in the governmental and regulatory landscape requires experienced advocates who understand the unique complexities surrounding the legislative process.

We blend innovation with practicality to craft superior legal solutions.

The government relations attorneys at Davis, Agnor, Rapaport, & Skalny, LLC possess a keen understanding of government processes and superior legal acumen supported by extensive knowledge of the working environment. Our team is renowned for strategically analyzing client problems and devising solutions that are practical, effective, and original. And while partisanship is widespread in government today, we recognize that the ability to reach across the political aisle is essential for the successful advancement of legislative initiatives. Building relationships has always been the hallmark of our firm.

Navigate the challenging regulatory and legislative landscape with ease.

Effective government advocacy demands strong relationships and deep institutional knowledge. Our comprehensive government relations services include: monitoring and advocating for/against legislation that affects our clients’ interests; arranging meetings with key government officials; drafting legislation; advising clients on the status of pending and anticipated measures; drafting and presenting testimony before legislative committees; apprising clients of current events and political developments that may affect them; and more. Whether you’re facing a monumental uphill battle or simply need procurement advice, our seasoned government relations legal team is here to help.