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Developer Transition & Warranty Claims

We’ll work with developers and warranties, so you don’t have to.

Warranties sound fantastic, until you try to collect on them. When that warranty is for a building project, good luck. That’s why Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC bring the luck for you. If you live or work in a newly constructed community association or in a conversion project, we provide guidance in addressing developer transition and construction warranty issues.  We negotiate settlements of disputes on behalf of your community association and its developer. When necessary, with the assistance of our Litigation Team, we represent your community association in the courtroom.

We can settle community issues in court.

To find out how the attorneys of Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC can help your community association when conflict arises and litigation is the only alternative, call us at 410.995.5800 or email an attorney from our Community Association Practice Group.