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We remove the complexities of the virtual health care arena.

In recent years, and especially since the inception of the coronavirus pandemic, public acceptance of telehealth has grown quickly. Our attorneys work with clients to conceptualize and implement their virtual health care services and platforms. In the absence of an overarching regulatory framework, we work to clarify relevant state and federal laws, evaluate potential ambiguities, and provide advice on business and operational decisions regarding compliance.

A rapidly emerging telehealth market demands superior legal expertise.

Increased demand for telehealth services is creating an explosion of new technologies and multitudes of medical professionals seeking entry. A tangled web of varying regulatory requirements only adds to the challenge. Clients rely on us for step-by-step guidance and support in the process of getting their virtual healthcare efforts off the ground. From creating the appropriate corporate structure, to ensuring that the appropriate standard of care is offered, and evaluating and addressing potential compliance issues, you can rely on our team of legal professionals to help you establish your solid foundation.

Even in the face of regulatory uncertainty, we’ll be there with the practical guidance and sophisticated solutions you need. Please contact the professionals in our Health Care Practice Group to learn more.