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Unfair Competition

Hey, that’s not fair!

You may have been saying it since you were a kid to no avail, but this is one type of unfairness that we can do something about. Unfair competition is a broad range of unfair practices, including misappropriating skill, expenditures, and labor.  A company cannot sell its products or services by misappropriating the good will of another and misleading the public into thinking that it is sponsored by or derived from the hard work of your company.  We help you protect against unfair competition by infringers who improperly use your intellectual property and capitalize on your investment of time, money, and resources.

We’ll help you right the wrongs.

To find out how the attorneys of Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC can help protect you from unfair competition, call us at 410.995.5800 or email an attorney from our Intellectual Property and Technology Law Practice Group.