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Will Caveats & Contests

We’ll help you determine if a will should be disputed.

The increasing age and wealth of Maryland’s population has created a breeding ground for financial exploitation of the elderly.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in our society for a relative, friend, or caretaker to prey on a lonely, dependent or confused elderly person to create or change the terms of their will or trust to their benefit.  Access to the internet has only made it easier for predators to draft home-grown wills that can be signed in secret.  Litigation is necessary to challenge a will or trust that is thought to be a product of undue influence, duress, fraud, or signed at a time at which the testator was not legally competent.

When you want to contest a will, you want the firm with the experience to prove your case.

Although the reasons to challenge a will or trust may seem obvious to those who have been disinherited, will caveats (also called “will contests” or “will challenges”) and similar contests to a trust, are extremely difficult cases to win and require experienced and skilled legal assistance.  We will assist you in handling these matters with the in-depth knowledge, experience, and personal attention your case deserves.

If you have questions about the authenticity of a will, we’ll help you.

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