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We’re sensitive to Guardian decisions.

When individuals cannot make decisions on their own, they may require the court appointment of a guardian. In Maryland, a guardian may be appointed to make health care decisions for a disabled person, or to be responsible for finding the proper home setting for that person.  A guardian of the property is responsible for managing the assets, and paying the bills, of a disabled person.  A guardianship proceeding can seek the appointment of just a guardian of the person, just a guardian of the property, or both.

When there’s a dispute, you want us on your side.

While the majority of guardianship matters are uncontested, there is often a dispute concerning whether a guardianship is necessary and, if so, who should be appointed guardian. Because of the serious nature of these cases, a seasoned attorney can be of great assistance to make sure that the disabled person is protected and his or her utmost quality of life is upheld.  We are well-versed in guardianship disputes and take a very personal approach to resolving the issues on behalf of our clients.

Guardianship disputes require a special level of legal experience.

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