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Charitable Giving

Give a gift that reflects your dreams and values.

Charitable gift planning ranges from simple transactions to complex strategies, depending on your preferences and circumstances. If you are considering making a substantial charitable donation before or after you pass away, it’s wise to seek qualified estate planning counsel. At Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC, our attorneys are experienced with investments, property, tax, and all manner of charitable transfers to ensure that your gift is established in a way that is most advantageous from both a tax and philanthropic perspective. We will help you identify charitable giving options that will allow you to integrate your values into your philanthropy, while also realizing your financial goals.

Charitable giving offers abundant benefits.

Planned gifts can provide significant tax benefits while generating lifetime income for you and your loved ones. Charitable gifts may allow you to provide inheritances for heirs while decreasing their tax liability; reduce taxes on your ordinary income and/or avoid capital gains taxes on your appreciated assets; and create a charitable legacy for future generations. It’s an ideal way to support your favorite non-profit interests and make sizable gifts that will benefit both the charity and your family. There are many options available and impressive benefits to be gained. Your attorney will explore with you the strategies that can best be leveraged to suit your unique circumstances.

We have decades of experience helping clients and charitable foundations to form long-term partnerships that create enduring positive impacts. For the insightful legal counsel and supportive guidance you need, please contact our Private Client Practice Group.