Education Law

Education Law

Next to you, we’re your child’s best advocate.

Your children mean the world to you. You constantly weigh if you’re doing enough, too much, or the right things for them. Ensuring that your child receives the best education is critical, but when your child has a disability, the challenges for both parent and child can be much steeper and the worries become much greater.

Our education law practice includes representation for students, parents, and educators.   We provide assistance in the areas of special education, disability accommodation, student disciplinary issues, and school-related employment conflicts.

This is your first trip down this path; we can show you the way.

Our firm helps parents navigate the public school system and effectively advocate for their children. We help provide students with disabilities access to an equitable education. We ensure that disabled students are provided with all of the accommodations and rights they are guaranteed under federal law. We file due process claims on behalf of students in the Maryland Public School System and attend 504 and IEP meetings with parents and children. In doing so, we help students and families acquire the skills that will lead to a successful future.

We cherish the opportunity to make a positive impact on your child’s life.

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