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IN THE WEEDS: A Roundtable Discussion on Employees Use of Medical Cannabis

Our firm recently hosted a roundtable discussion on employee use of medical cannabis in the workplace.  The event was attended by industry leaders from around the State including the Maryland Department of Labor, the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health and Maryland Commission on Civil Rights.   Business representatives from the restaurant industry, hospitality, construction, government contracting and the HR profession also participated.

The legalization of medical cannabis has made it difficult for employers and employees when it comes to implementing workplace policies on substance abuse.  In Maryland, as state laws continue to evolve, there is no clear authority for employers in balancing the use of medical cannabis in the workplace.

Eric Gunderson and Cheryl Brown lead the discussion with such topics as implementing and enforcing drug policies, when should employers accommodate the use of medical cannabis, employee discipline and termination and strategies for avoiding discrimination lawsuits.